Useful Frequent Travel Weblogs

FlyerTalk members debate and discuss what they perceive as the most useful travel weblogs for frequent fliers. The discussion touches on some topics which include but are not limited to:

  • Accuracy of information posted
  • Whether or not “kickbacks” and compensation affect the content written and posted
  • The censorship of reader comments and feedback, if any
  • The quality of the lexicon, grammar and spelling used
  • The “scraping” of information from Internet bulletin boards such as FlyerTalk

I cannot speak for the other weblogs, but I can talk about The Gate, as I have been writing for it for almost six years, ever since it was first launched as one of the original BoardingArea weblogs. Get it? BoardingArea? The Gate? Anyway, I will get to The Gate in a few minutes.
First, which travel weblogs do I like to read regularly? Well, none of them — and yet, then again, all of them. Specific topics being discussed attract me, rather than the actual weblog and its author in general. I do keep the home “pages” of BoardingArea and Frugal Travel Guy open on my Internet web browser, as there is a variety of content posted on a regular basis — and I happen to personally know many of the authors who post at both Internet web sites. Although those weblogs could be considered competition for The Gate, I have never had any qualms about referring readers over to a topic which may be considered helpful. After all, that is why I am here — to be helpful whenever possible — and we are all in this incredible industry for frequent travelers together. We should be helping each other help you get the most out of the benefits of frequent travel.
The purpose of The Gate is found in its slogan: Check In Check Out The Best of FlyerTalk. It is about highlighting what topics are of particular interest to FlyerTalk members, as well as finding some unique discussions about which FlyerTalk members may not be aware. It helps promote FlyerTalk in general. It is extremely rare that you will find content posted to The Gate without at least one link to a discussion posted on FlyerTalk…
…and, because of its mission to highlight discussions posted on FlyerTalk, The Gate is not out to scoop stories or to accept offers from those wishing to sell their products or services. Content posted on The Gate is not influenced by anyone — not potential advertisers or even Internet Brands, the company which owns FlyerTalk and The Gate. I personally do not engage in any travel-related businesses where I solicit customers, although I am not necessarily saying that is bad for those “bloggers” who do just that. After all, people do need to earn money to make a living.
Although I have my opinions which I post here at The Gate, I try to otherwise remain as objective as possible. I also would like to hear your thoughts and comments, even if you do not agree with what I post.
Better yet, I want to hear how I can help further improve The Gate. What topics would you like to see posted here? What discussions posted on FlyerTalk would you like to see highlighted at The Gate? There are a variety of ways to please let me know, including posting a comment below.
Please also feel free to comment on which travel weblogs for frequent travelers you particularly enjoy reading, as well as those you abhor and avoid reading.
Thank you in advance.

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