Wells Fargo Senate hearing
Source: Elizabeth Warren.

Video: Elizabeth Warren Rakes Wells Fargo Chairman Over the Coals

F irst, I want to be absolutely clear that I have no affiliation to any political party — I “like” Democrats as much as I “like” Republicans, so you can read between the lines there — and I am neither conservative nor liberal…

…or perhaps I am both. I do not know. Who cares?!? Just please be sure that you vote for me for president of the United States as a write-in independent candidate this coming November…

…but Gary Leff of View From The Wing reported on a massive scandal involving Wells Fargo in this recent article where “thousands of employees were on average opening hundreds of fraudulent accounts apiece over the last 5 years.”

Video: Elizabeth Warren Rakes Wells Fargo Chairman Over the Coals

Elizabeth Warren — who is one of two Senators of the United States representing the state of Massachusetts — is featured in this video at the Senate Banking Committee hearing entitled An Examination of Wells Fargo’s Unauthorized Accounts and the Regulatory Response on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. She launched two brutally frank rounds of questions for John Stumpf — who is the the chief executive officer of Wells Fargo — which you must watch.


So what does this have to do with travel?

Besides credit cards as being one of the products involved in this scandal — yes, credit cards used by frequent travelers who engage in manufactured spending and affiliate credit card links, which I am not going to address — United Airlines endured its own scandal involving Jeff Smisek, who was chief executive officer of the airline but was replaced by Oscar Munoz.

The supposed firing of Jeff Smisek from his responsibilities at United Continental is reportedly related to ongoing federal and internal investigations associated with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, whose former chairman is suspected to have allegedly used his prominent position to demand favorable treatment or personal benefit from United Airlines — such as for a weekly direct flight between Newark and Columbia in South Carolina near the vacation home of David Samson, who resigned from his position as chairman back in March of 2014.

I questioned whether or not Jeff Smisek was an exemplary leader as the chief executive officer of United Airlines; as well as written this article pertaining to leadership in general — and believe that the video presented in this article demonstrates what is currently wrong with corporate leadership in general.

I do realize that Elizabeth Warren was the source of the video — but I still believe that it is worth watching.

Source: Elizabeth Warren.

  1. Brian, this article, in addition to demonstrating “what is currently wrong with corporate leadership in general” also shows what is wrong in politics “in general.”

    The stench from a sitting senator who listed herself as having Native American heritage so she could be included in Harvard’s diversity hiring goes beyond the pale. She’s like Teddy K lecturing someone on drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. How did she know she had Native American heritage: because her grandparents may have told her so. We’re not quite sure on that.

    She’s known as Fauxcahonotas and Liawatha in the Boston circles that don’t drink the leftist Kool-Aid. Politicians and corrupt corporate execs: two peas in a pod.

    Blind Squirrel

    1. That is why I started the article with the disclaimer about my — er — “love” for politicians, Blind Squirrel.

      Isolated from any political history, I liked the message itself.

      As even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, so even a corrupt politician gives a gem of an example once in a while — and I certainly am not too blind to know that they will take that found gem and run with it to further an agenda and appear heroic to voters…

    2. Lol, Great comment blind squirrel…… if I can mention I believe ole lizzzzy was knocking down about 400k a year. Not a bad chump of change. Now I don’t agree with big banks, but for some odd reason I don’t think the left likes the word profit. I have a saying and it fits the left well…… ” we can but you can’t”

  2. Corporations and government form the most unholy of matrimonies… Nothing will be done. Where do you think Elizabeth Warren keeps her tens of millions? In these banks that she pretends to hate.

    She has railed against student loan debt, but then took 400k for teaching ONE CLASS at Harvard.

    Leadership in government and corporations is corrupt. It’s a small club, and we aint in it….

    1. It was $350,000.00 for the fake Injun to teach the one course. But who’s quibbling???

      Now she’s, um, standing up to greed…yeah, that’s the ticket.

      Blind Squirrel

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