Video: Family of Four Booted Off Airplane Operated by Delta Air Lines

A  family of four — comprised of a mother and father with two children who are one and two years of age — were booted off of an airplane which operated as Delta Air Lines flight 2222 in Maui prior to departing for Los Angeles on Sunday, April 23, 2017, according to this video from Brian S.

Video: Family of Four Booted Off Airplane Operated by Delta Air Lines

“They oversold the flight and asked us to give up a seat we purchased for my older son that my younger son was sitting in”, according to Brian S. “You will hear them lie to me numerous times to get my son out of the seat. The end result was we were all kicked off the flight. They then filled our 4 seats with 4 customers that had tickets but no seats. They oversold the flight. When will this all stop? It was midnight in Maui and we had to get a hotel and purchase new tickets the following day.”

Initial Reaction

“The first FA needs to be fired. Period. Saying, ‘you will be arrested and your kids will be taken away from you,’ is so far beyond the pale, there’s no excuse at all”, FlyerTalk member HomerJay opined. “After what has happened over the past month, her lack of self-awareness is mind-boggling.”

FlyerTalk member GUWonder posted the following:

“It sounds like the family messed up in one more ways and that DL made the matter worse.

“If the family knew what it was doing when checking in and boarding, it could have probably avoided or otherwise better managed the issue — whether or not they would have ended up as VDB or IDB passengers.

“It seems like airlines can’t help but think that law enforcement officers and the government should act as an agent of the airline in matters of contractual dispute. Apparently DL didn’t get the UA memo.”


I am withholding my own commentary until I know more details pertaining to this story, as there seems to be more to it than what is shown and heard in the video — but I am curious as to your thoughts and comments.

Source: Brian S.

3 thoughts on “Video: Family of Four Booted Off Airplane Operated by Delta Air Lines”

  1. mike murphy says:

    good to see the passenger kept his cool and not make a real incident out of it.

  2. Sabrina Nord says:

    This whole situation with Delta should be unacceptable. This is extremely poor customer service.

  3. Jake says:

    United, Delta and American are all crap.
    Let’s let the Gulf carriers fly USA domestic flights.
    Our guys cannot handle it in a civilized manner.

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