Video: Man Surprises Fellow Passenger at Airport With Sucker Punch

his video shows a man suddenly giving a fellow passenger what is known as a sucker punch in the stomach inside Salt Lake City International Airport after the conclusion of a flight in an apparent continuation of an altercation which occurred earlier aboard the aircraft.

In response, the recipient of that punch tackled the suspect down to the ground and pinned him to the floor. Police quickly arrived on the scene to arrest the suspect, who was charged with assault and public intoxication as he was supposedly drunk, according to this report from Fox News.

In a separate recent incident, a brawl between passengers occurred aboard an airplane operating as Oman Air flight 102 during an overnight flight from London to Muscat — reportedly over leg room.

According to this article written by Andy Lines for the Daily Mirror, “One man rained punches on a fellow flyer and then even took off his shoe to try and attack him.” The pilot informed authorities during the flight; and when the airplane landed in Muscat, one man was taken away by police to be questioned.

So much for politeness and respect for fellow passengers…

The image is a screen shot from a video at Fox News. Please click here to access the video.

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  1. fathiss says:

    Really? Putting a commercial before the video incident? Not giving your readers anything for free are you?

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