New York subway system 1949
Source: Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Video: New York Subway System in 1949

T he subway system in New York is still one of the largest in the world in terms of both miles of track and the number of people who use it; and some of the latest technology is used in the trains which transport commuters both above and below ground…

…but there are still many vestiges of years gone by — whether they are turnstiles or older trains or the mosaic tile signage — which still are very much a part of the subway system in the 21st century.

Video: New York Subway System in 1949

I thought that you might find this video from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York which gives a glimpse into the subway system in 1949 — and you might just find a number of parts of the subway system which are still in use today.

Not everything can last forever, though —at least, not without the proper maintenance — as one of those relics from the last century is the Canarsie Tunnel, which will be completely closed to train traffic for 18 months starting no sooner than 2019 due to the need for massive reconstruction work. Service in Manhattan will be suspended during the entire length of the closure of the Canarsie Tunnel; while service in Brooklyn is expected to remain relatively normal.


I have traveled extensively as a passenger of the subway system in New York over the years; so I have a special affinity for it — and I naturally found this video to be interesting.

The video is only slightly greater than nine minutes in duration — not a bad way to spend a small portion of your Sunday to be vicariously transported back in time. In a way, that — combined with your imagination — is a great way to “travel.”

The next time you are a passenger of the subway system in New York, see how many areas of the subway system you recognize from the aforementioned video — or see in the video how many things you recognize from your past experiences as a passenger of the subway system.

Source: Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

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