Video of an Actual Accident in Winter Weather: Drive With Caution

W inter weather has already arrived in some portions of the United States this month; and the Montana Department of Justice — of which the Montana Highway Patrol is a division — released a video of an actual accident in winter weather which resulted in a series of events and demonstrates why you should drive with caution during winter weather.

Although the video footage itself is not graphic enough to warrant a warning, it can still cause some viewers to be disturbed by what they see — but here is a spoiler alert: everyone involved in what could have easily been a tragic incident survived.

Personnel of the Montana Highway Patrol hope that by releasing the video, the message will spread to encourage motorists to use caution when approaching emergency vehicles. They ask that you please drive safely during adverse conditions and slow down.

Also be aware that in some states, the law requires that you change lanes — if possible — when driving past an emergency vehicle.


Although the video was released in 2015 and the accident occurred in 2014, the video is meant for the purpose of raising awareness about preventing yourself from becoming involved in an accident — and the message imparted by the video is timeless.

If you will be traveling in northern climates over the next few months and driving a vehicle — whether you own it or rent it — please drive carefully and responsibly, as the few minutes you might think that you are saving could cost you your health…

…or worse: your life.

Source: Montana Department of Justice.

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