Video Recording of Bad Customer Service? You Be The Judge…

A video has surfaced on the Internet which shows the recording of an agent at the United Airlines customer service counter at the international airport in Houston completely ignoring a customer purportedly to be seated in the first class cabin on an aircraft who was asking if the flight on which he was supposed to be a passenger was overbooked.
At first, you might be appalled by the obvious lack of service by the unidentified customer service agent — and the sour look on her face clearly shows that she is not at all happy…
…but is there more to this video? Had there already been an incident or confrontation before the customer started recording the customer service agent?
Towards the end of the video, an employee of United Airlines in a red coat attempted to investigate the issue with which the customer was imparting when she realized that she was being recorded without her permission and informed the customer that that was not allowed.
I personally would not like it if someone to record me without my permission — especially if that someone was purposely attempting to get me in trouble, as the customer threatened more than once to report this incident to the chief executive officer of United Airlines. Anything that is said on the recording can be used against the person who said it, even if it is not presented in a court of law, so one has to be careful as to what to say. The customer service agent chose not to say anything.
Without knowing all the facts which led to the escalation of this situation, I would say that both the customer and employee were not completely innocent in this incident, as both people could have handled this situation better. The employee should have immediately informed the customer politely that she did not want to be recorded and excused herself for a moment as she went to find a supervisor, while the customer should not have recorded her without her permission. Both people should have worked together to have approached an equitable solution and prevented this incident from happening in the first place.
Please post what you think regarding this debate by FlyerTalk members, which includes a link to the video in question.

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