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Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

Video: Wearing Masks Aboard Airplanes May Always Be Required

Hopes that being aboard airplanes without masks have been dashed for good?

Anthony Fauci — who is the current director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as well as the chief medical advisor to the president of the United States — admitted during an interview with Jonathan Karl of ABC News earlier today, Sunday, December 19, 2021 that he does not think that the time will ever come when people aboard airplanes will not be required to wear masks.

Video: Wearing Masks Aboard Airplanes May Always Be Required

Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

At the 10:14 mark in this video from ABC News This Week, Jonathan Karl asked, “Okay…I…I…I…I also w…wanted to ask you a…about what the airline executives said this week about masks on airplanes. They…uh…several of the…of the top…you know…the…the CEOs of the top airlines said that on an airplane, you are actually safer…uh…than you are…uh…in an ICU that the protection with the filters…filtration system they have — they were suggesting that there really isn’t much of need for a mask on an airplane. Are we gonna get to the point where we won’t have to wear masks on airplane?”

“I don’t think so”, Fauci responded with a blank and tired look on his face as his eyes repeatedly blinked. “I think when you’re dealing with a closed space — even though the filtration is good — that you wanna go that extra step when you have people…you know, you get a flight from Washington to San Francisco, it’s a well over a five hour flight. Even though you have a good filtration system, I still believe that masks are a prudent thing to do and we should be doing it.”

Karl was referring to statements which were cited by several chief executive officers of airlines based in the United States who testified before the Senate of the United States during a hearing at which they convened entitled Oversight of the U.S. Airline Industry by the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

Roger Wicker — who is a member of the Republican Party who represents the state of Mississippi as one of its senators — asked both chief executive officers of Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, “Will we ever, do you think, be able to get on an airplane without masks?”

Gary Kelly responded — noting that partners of Southwest Airline include The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Stanford School of Medicine — “Yeah, I think the case is very strong that masks don’t add much if anything in the air cabin environment. It is very safe, and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting.”

Doug Parker of American Airlines concurred: “The aircraft is the safest place you can be. It’s true of all of our aircraft, they all have these HEPA filters and the same airflow.”

Scott Kirby — who is the chief executive officer of United Airlines, which partners with the Cleveland Clinic — testified: “And the conclusion of that is that effectively anywhere that you’re going to be indoors, the airplane is the safest place that you can be indoors, it’s because of the air filtration.”

The studies which the chief executive officers had referenced were “done with mannequins who were sitting straight forward with masks on, not removing them, not eating at any point in time,” according to Sara Nelson, who is the international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO, which is a union that representing almost 50,000 flight attendants at 17 airlines. “So it is important to recognize that the safe controlled environment on the plane is a layered safety protocol, which includes the sanitation of the aircraft and includes the service procedures and includes the HEPA filtration that is not on all aircraft, by the way, and it includes everyone wearing the masks.”

The next day — Thursday, December 16, 2021 — Gary Kelly reportedly received a positive test result for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus after experiencing mild symptoms.

Final Boarding Call

Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

During what I have been calling “the longest two weeks of our lives”, we have all been told many things by many so-called experts who seem to “keep moving the goalposts”, so to speak.

I wonder how we all survived during the days when no one was required to wear masks aboard airplanes during all of the past decades of air travel when other diseases were transmitted…

…so if masks will supposedly be permanently required by people aboard airplanes, what will stop the mask mandates from being required at other public venues?

Do you believe that the requirement to wear masks aboard airplanes should be a permanent policy?

All photographs ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

  1. If it becomes apparent that this is the true intent, there will be a huge backlash. When the Republicans take back control, either in 2022 or 2024, this mandate will have a swift end if it hasn’t already happened by then. It’s stunning that a public figure relied upon by so many would imply that something so terrible, as always having to wear masks, could happen. I hope this was just a misunderstanding.

  2. Been saying this for more than a year:
    You will always wear masks on a plane, period. As in forever, triple-vaxxed or whatever. Masks are forever. Hope you enjoy theater.

    1. It is possible to disagree with someone without insulting them. As you can see I don’t like or agree with the prediction about masks but he is not a fraud. He’s very qualified to comment on these things.

  3. Masks have nothing to do with the virus. They are about virtue signalling, and it is the virtue signalers who are making the rules.
    Keep voting them in – soon you’ll need permission to go to restaurants or grocery shopping.

    1. Maybe the people who voted them in want to wear masks for ever? After all, it was pretty obvious that this was going to happen if they won.

  4. I don’t think masks will be required forever.

    If there’s sufficient vaccination and not much variant mutation, eventually everyone will be either vaccinated, recovered, or both. The problem becomes if there is significant variant mutation.

    I’ve carried a mask with me for about 7 years ever since I got a bad cold sitting next to a coughing person on a flight to DCA. All that HEPA filtration did nothing because I was too close to the source, a white woman.

  5. Fauci is what you get when you choose a megalomaniac, arrogant, political partisan to be in control of the talking points for a national/global health issue: insane attempts to remain relevant and in front of the camera. It doesn’t take a scientist to know masks don’t and aren’t stopping a virus pandemic. Which is why we’ve NEVER even considered masks or shutting down schools or anything else even during really bad flu seasons pre 2020/Fauci. And the flu has been and does pose more risk to kids than covid has. The little arrogant munchkin is on camera pre 2020 laughing at the idea of masks stopping a viral spread. Masks are a symbol of just how far an arrogant administration and their completely useless virtue-signaling can go. Utter derangement.

  6. Time to hit the mute button on Fauci. He’s a fraud. That cheap fabric mask isn’t protecting you from jack squat. Even the N95 aren’t that effective against the highly contagious Omnicron (which leads to very mild cold symptoms – NOBODY WITHOUT SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES, NOT ONE PERSON, has died from the supposedly deadly Omnicron. Look up the data from South Africa. It’s time to stop spreading the fear Brian. Time to PUSH BACK. Time to END THE NONSENSE.

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