Should View From The Wing Be Shut Down?

W hen I accidentally stumbled upon this article from the editors of Yahoo! Travel and then read it, my first reaction is that the View From The Wing weblog should perhaps be shut down or — at the very least — it should have its name changed.

My reason for this is because the name has already been in use for many years by this View From The Wing weblog, which is authored by Gary Leff.

Confused? So was I at first.

The lesser-known View From The Wing weblog — which has apparently existed at least since August 6, 2013; although there seems to be very little information available about it — simply highlights photographs posted by readers with views from their window seats during flights.

This is not the first time a weblog has had a similar name to View From The Wing. The Tarmac — now defunct — was a weblog authored by Gerry Wingenbach over at FlyerTalk. Its original name was The Wing; and the original headline for this first article posted on Monday, January 21, 2013 for the weblog was titled A Sweeping View From The Wing. Because the title of the article — as well as the name of the weblog itself — was too similar to View From The Wing, the name was eventually changed to The Tarmac; and the title of that article was changed to Introducing a Sweeping New Column.

Before The Tarmac was launched, Gerry Wingenbach occasionally wrote articles for The Gate over at FlyerTalk from September 20, 2012 through January 18, 2013.

Wait a minute: you thought that I was advocating that the original View From The Wing featuring Gary Leff should be shut down?!? I would never campaign for that to happen. In order for that to be done, you would have to get past The Gate first…


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