Virgin America: Why Young Adults are Having a Hard Time Getting Laid

P lease excuse the obvious “click-bait” headline; but I did not write it — rather, it is an actual headline from this article written by Carrie Weisman at Salon, which caught my attention as I was searching elsewhere on the Internet for information.

Virgin America: Why Young Adults are Having a Hard Time Getting Laid

What was the first thing of which you thought when you read that headline?

The way the first two words of the headline are supposed to read has nothing to do with an airline; but rather an illustrative narrative as to the purported lack of sexual intercourse in the United States.

I did not read the article, as I do not care about the perceived difficulties for young adults to engage in sexual contact in the United States. Rather, I took a second or two to skim through it searching for any reference to Virgin America — but there was none.


You know you are a frequent flier when you search an article with that headline and wonder what in the world an airline would give insight as to the sex lives of young adults; and then ponder whether Richard Branson or Alaska Airlines — which acquired Virgin America last December — was behind the irrelevant research…

…unless that research specifically had something to do with what is known as the Mile High Club, which recently became 100 years old.

I believe that the headline contained an unfortunate use of words which could imply that the airline known as Virgin America had something to do with the study. A better choice of words should have been used by the author of the article…

…but I hope that the mishap gave you something about which to laugh…

3 thoughts on “Virgin America: Why Young Adults are Having a Hard Time Getting Laid”

  1. Christian says:

    I was going to say that the reason is those effective abstinence programs.

  2. WR says:

    Maybe if they stopped whining, protesting and rioting, they would have time to get a job, then have money to be able to go out on a date.

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