Walking From the Airport to Downtown

What do Nice, Montego Bay, Denpasar, San Diego, Larnaca, Tobago, San Pedro and Geneva have in common?

They are only some of the many destinations where one can Walk to/from the Airport to save money, although some FlyerTalk members also suggest destinations where walking may not be much of an option but transportation to downtown from the airport is quite inexpensive.

Then again, what is considered a walkable distance is relative. Some FlyerTalk members suggest destinations where walking from the airport towards downtown can take as long as 90 minutes, if one is up to a brisk walk for some exercise. Of course, for these longer walks, toting baggage is not advised.

Toronto would be another destination to add to this list, if it were not for that pesky lake water separating Toronto City Centre Airport from downtown, but if there is a free shuttle service into downtown, does that count?!?

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