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Photograph ©2007 by Brian Cohen.

Warning: Your SkyBonus Account Could Now Be Inactive

FlyerTalk members are discovering today that their Delta SkyBonus — an incentive program for small businesses and medium-sized companies which is completely separate from the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program — accounts have suddenly become inactive and all earned points had been forfeited.

Warning: Your SkyBonus Account Could Now Be Inactive

The most likely reason: your company may not have maintained a minimum spend of $5,000.00 per year on flights operated by Delta Air Lines. However — in all fairness to the SkyBonus business incentive program of Delta Air Lines — at least five months of advance warning was given; but what angered many FlyerTalk members was that no notice was sent to them that their SkyBonus business incentive accounts have actually become inactive with their points forfeited.

A secondary reason: your SkyBonus points expire after three years on December 31 of the third year — and there is no way to extend the expiration date of those SkyBonus points.

A third possible reason: your company may not be considered legitimate by those who operate the SkyBonus business incentive program at Delta Air Lines, depending on your earning and redemption activity.

I checked the SkyBonus account for my business — and sure enough, this notice appeared in red type after I logged in:

Company status is inactive. Please call the SkyBonus Service Center at 877-832-5211 or your Delta Sales Manager.

As mentioned above with other FlyerTalk members, I never received any notice via e-mail message or any other communication to me.

Fortunately, I redeemed many of my SkyBonus points and only had almost enough in the SkyBonus account of my company — a legitimate corporation which will celebrate 22 years in business next month — for a one-way full fare upgrade on flights within the United States and Canada.


Oh well — I suppose I missed out on my opportunity to redeem my SkyBonus points on up to 20 coupons for alcoholic beverages or headsets. I do not drink alcoholic beverages; so the headsets would be the only item of value to me with those coupons — if I do not already get them for free when I am seated in the premium class cabin on a flight operated by Delta Air Lines.

On a separate note pertaining to the big news today about the updates to membership options for Delta Sky Club — which includes increases in rates to be a member — I mentioned in an article posted to The Gate almost a year ago when the last increase in rates was announced that “it is unknown at this time whether or not the rate of SkyBonus points will be impacted. Currently, 100,000 SkyBonus points are needed to earn access to Sky Clubs for one year.” The amount of SkyBonus points which are needed to earn access to Sky Clubs for one year has apparently now increased a whopping 60 percent to 160,000 SkyBonus

…but of course, that increase means nothing if you do not meet the minimum requirements to maintain your Delta SkyBonus business incentive account in the first place and it becomes inactive.

Photograph ©2007 by Brian Cohen.

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