Was a Disabled Ten-Year-Old Girl Abused by the Transportation Security Administration?

The thought that the Tsa abuses disabled 10 year old girl is beyond despicable — so much so that the discussion begins with the usual bashing of the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA.

However, the author of the weblog that led to this highly controversial discussion herself participates, but with mixed results. FlyerTalk member INCIID-Mom claims to be the adoptive mother of the disabled ten-year-old girl. Some FlyerTalk members support INCIID-Mom implicitly, while others attempt to discredit her, turning what was once a discussion with a seemingly clear “black-and-white” issue into a number of “gray” areas.

So who is right and who is wrong? Who is telling the truth and who is lying? Who is being objective, who is being unfair, and who is exaggerating?

One thought on “Was a Disabled Ten-Year-Old Girl Abused by the Transportation Security Administration?”

  1. Mammamia says:

    Too many strange aspects to the mother’s story: they’ve had the child since she was 16 mos. old and she still displays severe separation anxiety issues? No one but the parents can help her? Her “assistance” dog has had 500 hours of “training”? Anyone can put a harness on any well-trained dog and call it an “assistance” dog.

    Mom is using the daughter to meet her own needs – Munchausen by proxy syndrome going on here?

    The whole story is very strange.

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