Was Andrea Abbott Arrested Unfairly?

With the Andrea Abbott Arrest Video Released to the public, FlyerTalk members began scrutinizing the official video of the security checkpoint at Nashville International Airport. While there were a number of observations made regarding the video footage, FlyerTalk members were especially disgusted by what they witnessed regarding the “pat-down” of the 14-year-old daughter.
The Gate decided to investigate the allegations of inappropriate touching of the genital area by a Transportation Security Administration employee of the 14-year-old daughter by examining the video. At approximately 3:01 into the video, The Gate captured footage of the Transportation Security Administration employee allegedly touching at or near the genital area of the 14-year old girl, enhanced it by lightening it for better clarity, and enlarged it without retouching it.

Andrea Abbott — seen in the striped top in the photographs shown above which were taken from the video — attempted to record the “pat-down” on her mobile telephone, but Nashville International Airport Department of Public Safety Officer Jeffery Nolen appeared to purposely use his body to block her line of sight to her daughter.
Was the 14-year-old daughter touched inappropriately by a Transportation Security Administration employee? Did the mother, Andrea Abbott, have a right to be upset? Was her being upset causing enough of a disruption to be arrested by a law enforcement officer at Nashville International Airport?
You decide — but before you do, please be sure to read the original discussion with the Mother arrested @ BNA for refusing to allow TSA pat down of daughter.

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