Cloud sunrise Amsterdam sky
Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

On My Way to Kenya: Vignettes Aboard Flight to Amsterdam

ere are some vignettes which I noted to include in this article aboard my flight operated by Delta Air Lines from Atlanta to Amsterdam:

Once I left the Sky Club, I arrived at the gate where I was met with a long line — but I was able to enter the virtually empty Sky Priority lane and zip right through. “Enjoy your flight, Mr. Cohen,” said the gate agent. “Thank you — and have a good day.”

The only reason why I even mention this is that I do not expect to be served that way all of the time — but it sure is appreciated when it happens, as I do not take it for granted.

The flight attendant was giving out eye shades and headphones. I asked if I could please have an extra pair of headphones. “No!” she bellowed abruptly — but I could tell immediately that she was joking. We had a good laugh; and she said “Of course you can have an extra set of headphones.”

“He can have my set,” the passenger next to me said.

I thanked her for making my day; and the look on her face hinted to me that I probably made her day as well.

When everyone is smiling, you know it is going to be a good flight…

The meal consisted of a boneless breast of chicken in what tasted like a barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots, a salad of lettuce and cucumbers with caesar dressing, a roll, crackers, cheese, and a cinnamon brownie. The meal was actually quite good. I passed on the Mediterranean pasta, as I was told that the sauce looked like a cheese sauce. Photographs to come in a future article.

After the meal service somewhere over eastern Canada, I decided to use the lavatory — especially after the passenger seated next to me decided to get up, as It is my own window seat mantra to try as much as possible not to disturb fellow passengers.

Although there were several people waiting in front of me to use the lavatory, the wait was fewer than five minutes. A woman said to me that I should go first, as she thought I was there first. “You go ahead,” I replied. “I believe you were here first, anyway.”

She is about to step into the lavatory when she noticed how wet was the floor inside. “Eww…I should probably go put on some shoes.”

She walked away. I went into the lavatory — shoes on, of course — smiling only because of the countless stories I have read on FlyerTalk pertaining to passengers walking around the airplane without shoes; as well as how disgusted many FlyerTalk members were about passengers walking into the lavatories in their bare feet or wearing only socks.

I sat in a seat by the window in the economy class cabin of the Airbus A300 aircraft — not the most comfortable seat in which I have ever sat aboard an airplane; but it served its purpose. The leg room was ample for me.

There is one electrical outlet which two passengers can share. I had no problem using the outlet — except that I could not keep my laptop computer plugged in without the plug falling out; so I had to keep it propped up with my leg. Even then, it was difficult for it to stay plugged in. I will survive.

Screen for in-flight entertainment system. Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.
Screen for in-flight entertainment system. Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

The in-flight entertainment system is better than ever in terms of what is offered by Delta Air Lines. For one thing, the touch screen is more sensitive; so there is a significantly less chance of annoying the passenger seated in front of me. It also has a USB port built into it, which is convenient. There is a vast selection of movies, television shows, games, music, and even selections just for children — all complimentary.

I like that I can control when and how I want to see the real-time route map; as well as when I want to see the flight data — rather than having it flash in some language I do not know at the very moment I decide to look at it.

“I do not remember alcohol being given at no charge” said the passenger seated next to me, who let me know that his final destination was Stockholm…

…and he then asked me where I was going. Bad move…

“I am first heading to Nairobi; then I am heading to Washington, D.C.; then on to Muscat; then to Atlanta; and then on to South Africa.”

You can almost feel the sense of being stunned emanating from him — and I did not even give to him all of the details.

There is definitely something wrong with me with the way I travel; but I thrive on it. Go figure…

I apologize for the quick and rough posting; but I am at the gate at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam awaiting my flight to Nairobi…

Clouds over the sea just west of the coast of the Netherlands at dawn. Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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