Have It Your Way…at McDonald’s?!?

H ave It Your Way has long been the slogan for Burger King; but McDonald’s is about to up the ante by expanding a test program called Create Your Taste — which allows you to bypass the counter and head to a kiosk where you can customize everything about your hamburger or chicken sandwich — to the following five states in the United States: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri and Georgia.

Hmm…perhaps I should have not used the word bypass in the heart of that last paragraph — but I digress…

…anyway, the elapsed time between placing your order and receiving your food may take a few minutes longer; but McDonald’s — which has been experiencing financial issues recently, as it recently reported its worst same-store sales decline in more than a decade as well as a plunge in earnings by 30 percent, according to this article written by Bruce Horovitz of CNBC — is betting that this concept will help boost sales and increase revenue.

As a frequent traveler, you most likely use kiosks at airports to check in for your flight; and more hotel properties are using kiosks to check into your room. Many supermarkets and home improvement stores also are equipped with self-serve kiosks.

Despite the time from order to food being longer, I anticipate that the process overall will be faster. Based on my experience, I rarely have to wait in line at a kiosk, as kiosks require less room than a manned counter; and the electronic process is typically faster. I could only imagine similar results at a McDonald’s restaurant…

…and if that is the case, imagine after a long day of travel, you are hungry and want something quick and fast to bring back to your hotel room. You go to that McDonald’s restaurant just down the street; punch in your order on a kiosk; and wait for your meal. Maybe place a telephone call or check your e-mail messages while you wait. You grab your food when it is ready and you head back to your room, watch an inane television program while you snarf down that burger, take a quick hot shower and go to sleep in that comfortable bed.

This could especially be useful if the concept of room service at hotel properties becomes endangered; and there would be no gratuity or service charges which combined without the actual food order could cost more than your entire meal at McDonald’s to pay.

I like the idea of having my food ordered my way with customizable menu options; not having to deal with a person behind the counter; and possible have a faster process overall.

By the way, I find it ironic that — more often than not — McDonald’s restaurants outside of the United States are superior to those within the United States. In Malta, for example, the men wear ties and the women wear high heels; and they serve the food at the table at which you chose to sit. In Japan, the hamburgers were inexpensive and excellent…

…but please do not be disappointed in me. I also usually ensure that I sample the local food as well; and with the many options of excellent beef available in Buenos Aires, I refused to patronize fast food restaurants of any kind in that city.

What do you think of this new concept being implemented by McDonald’s?

One thought on “Have It Your Way…at McDonald’s?!?”

  1. Darrell Finch says:

    I’m in Missouri and had a blowout with McDonald’s because they charged me a dollar to add lettuce on a cheeseburger.

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