We Are Cramped, and That Passenger is Taking Up Three Seats!

Imagine having the good fortune of having a row of seats to yourself where you may stretch out, relax and go to sleep. Often, it is better than virtually all but the flat sleeper seats one finds in the premium class cabin of an aircraft, but at a much lower airfare. Who cares about food or in-flight entertainment while you are sleeping comfortably in the economy class cabin on a flight…

…but what if that particular flight is crowded and other passengers are cramped? Is it bad manners to take up three seats while other passengers are barely squeezing together elsewhere on the aircraft, or is it simply good fortune of which one must take advantage? Are you a Seat Hog?

Find out what fellow FlyerTalk members think as they post some serious and some rather funny comments in the Seat Hog? thread.

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