We Are Sorry About Being Sorry

I apologize for the apologies regarding being sorry about the Letter of Apology to the Flying Public thread, but I do not believe I will be sorry about you being sorry pertaining to reading that thread where an anonymous flight attendant based in Los Angeles allegedly wrote a public apology to airline passengers regarding the sorry conditions of flying as a passenger on airlines after September 11, 2001.

If you are sorry about reading about the sorry conditions for which that anonymous flight attendant is sorry, then I am sorry about you being sorry for the flight attendant being sorry about the sorry conditions currently prevelant aboard aircraft these days. I just hope you are not sorry about me being sorry if you are indeed sorry about reading how sorry the flight attendant was in that public apology, because if you are sorry about that, then I am sorry.

I am sorry for using the word sorry so many sorry times in this sorry posting about being sorry…

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