Weighing passengers before boarding

Weero thought it was a burden too far to be weighed before boarding a recent flight.  This is no light-weight matter, so weigh in with your own comments and experiences.

One thought on “Weighing passengers before boarding”

  1. weero says:

    It did indeed come as an unpleasant surprise.

    For more than 11 years, UA would carry me some 1.5 M miles without ever bothering how much I weigh. Not on tiny Embraers, not a fully packed transcons. And not on 3 SFO-SYD where we had to deplane several folks after everyone boarded because we were overweight.

    But that evening, on a very lightly loaded 744 on a short route (HKG-SIN), one station of UA decides that these well agreed upon ‘rules of engagement’ are discountable. And they conveyed it in a way that made it sound like a state affair or a mandatory security matter.

    I had to decline twice. Once friendly and tersely and once decidedly and explicitly “I am not willing to step on these scales”.

    No warning, no explanation, no proper justification other than they survey the weight of ‘all passengers’.

    I wonder if UA management was involved in this in one way or another.

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