Welcome to New York. That Will Be $15.00.

The George Washington Bridge, which is one of several Port Authority of New York and New Jersey crossings affected by the toll increase.

If you are driving a car from New Jersey into New York City, be prepared to pay $12.00 for the privilege of using one of the crossings, as the Port Authority raises NY-NJ bridge & tunnel tolls (from Sep 18, 2011) if you pay with cash. Tolls will increase every year until 2015, when the cash toll will be $15.00.
To be fair, the tolls are one-way tolls which supposedly cover the return trip, as there is no toll for leaving New York City using one of the aforementioned crossings. However, even if one looks at the toll as $7.50 in each direction in 2015, that is still rather expensive. Also, there are significant discounts for those drivers who use the E-ZPass electronic toll collection system, as well as for those drivers who “car-pool” into New York City, where the toll will be as little as $3.50 this year, to be increased to $6.50 in 2015.
If you are thinking about taking the Port Authority Trans-Hudson — or PATH — train instead of using a car, you will save money. However, those rates are increasing as well: $2.00 per trip beginning on September 18, 2011, increasing gradually each year to $3.00 per trip by 2015. The PATH train fares were historically less expensive than typical New York City subway fares, but that tradition is poised to end.
The governors of both New York and New Jersey are “demanding an overhaul of how the bloated agency does business — including a full audit of its books. ‘The reports of cost overruns, excessive overtime, and exorbitant spending must stop immediately,’ the governors said in a joint letter announcing the hikes.”
This is of little comfort to FlyerTalk members who must use one of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey crossings to enter New York City…

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