Welcome to Your First Class, First Class Passengers, on How to Use Overhead Bins

Apparently, after reading through what FlyerTalk members are posting, F passengers need to learn how to use overhead bins.

For those of you who need it, here is a primer:

  • Do not hog the entire overhead bin with your jacket or other small item.
  • Do not complain if the flight attendant moves your belongings if ignoring the above suggestion.
  • Do not touch the belongings of other passengers when attempting to fit your items in the overhead bin.
  • Eat before you board instead of placing perishable food — especially odoriferous items — in the overhead bin.
  • Check your baggage if it will not fit in the overhead bin — do not attempt to shove and push while holding up the boarding process.
  • Even though it has nothing to do with overhead bins, do not place your feet— especially odoriferous ones — on the bulkhead wall in front of you, or anywhere else other than under the seat in front of you, if applicable.
  • Furthermore, do not change the diaper of your baby between the first class cabin and the galley.

As you can see, the direction of the discussion veers further off-topic but becomes no less interesting…

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