Well, What Do You Know? I Am Now a “BIG Shot”!

I received an e-mail message from AirAsia which announced that they are upgrading my AirAsia loyalty programme membership to “BIG Shot” status — free for life.
This means that I can enjoy a range of new and extra “BIG” benefits, as shown below:

The AirAsia BIG loyalty programme is operated by its affiliate, Think BIG Digital Sdn Bhd — or Think BIG for short.
I would be deluding myself if I thought I was the only one who suddenly became a “BIG Shot”, as other FlyerTalk members have reported receiving similar e-mail messages
…and I thought I was special.
To be honest, I have only flown as a passenger on two flights operated by AirAsia — and the last flight was almost five years ago. I would certainly fly as a passenger on that airline if I have the opportunity to do so again, as my flights were punctual and flown with clean aircraft. There were plenty of open seats on both flights; and there was a nice offering of food and beverages for fairly reasonable prices should you get hungry or thirsty. The service was fine as well. Sure, AirAsia operates as a “no-frills” airline — but I had no complaints…
…and the airfare was significantly lower than a competing flight operated by Malaysia Airlines.
While the benefits here do not exactly portend the possibility of taking a shower during a flight while enjoying caviar in my luxury suite with head-to-foot service by a bevy of flight attendants, it is at least a step in the right direction for members of the AirAsia BIG loyalty programme.
What are your thoughts? Have you received a similar e-mail message from AirAsia?

4 thoughts on “Well, What Do You Know? I Am Now a “BIG Shot”!”

  1. BuildingMyBento says:

    I received one as well, though I’ve flown with them quite a bit. Can’t say I’m a fan of their on-board service – reminds me of the stuffiness of SQ – but they’ve certainly come in handy.

  2. AlwaysFlyStar says:

    While I must admit to not being very familiar with them, those “benefits” seem to be what any normal airline allows all of their customers to do? Are most AirAsia customers unable to Web check in and print boarding passes? Or manage their reservations online?

  3. callum9999 says:

    They’ve just rebranded their loyalty scheme. Anyone can go to the AirAsia website and sign up to the Big Shot programme – as AlwaysFlyStar says above, nothing listed is really much different to any other basic tier in airline reward schemes.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Exactly, callum9999.

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