What AAdvantage Is There to Increased Mileage Redemptions and a US$5.00 Fee to Book Award Travel On-Line?

American Airlines has recently announced plans to implement many changes to its operations and AAdvantage frequent flier program, mostly to the chagrin of its passengers and customers.

In the Award requirements increased – read it and weep thread, FlyerTalk members lament at the latest changes of the policies and procedures at American Airlines. In this case, that includes redeeming more American AAdvantage miles to secure an award, as well as a US$5.00 fee to book award travel via the Internet web site of American Airlines.

Naturally, FlyerTalk members speculate as to where this goes from here, including American Airlines possibly imposing a US$5.00 fee to process credit card payments. Other threads, such as the AA raises award mileage, online redemption fee – how long until DL follows? thread, are appearing throughout FlyerTalk with additional speculation as to whether or not the frequent flier program being discussed in that forum will be next.

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