What are Marriott and Hyatt Doing That Have FlyerTalk Members in a Lather?

FlyerTalk member randomman reports that Marriott Hotels has embarked on a practice of providing less soap in its rooms than it used to while maintaining similar dimensions.

Meanwhile, FlyerTalk member seadan reports that Hyatt Hotels has bulk dispensers in rooms at one of its properties instead of individual containers for the shampoo, conditioner and bath gel it provides, as has been the precedent.

Are these decisions by Marriott and Hyatt cost-cutting measures, convenience issues, ergonomic implementations, conservation choices, or environmentally friendly choices? Perhaps there are other possible reasons to consider? Will these ideas become a trend in the hospitality industry and spread to other lodging companies such as Hilton, Starwood or InterContinental Hotels, or should they be – ahem – barred from cleaning up their acts?

Find out more and join in on the discussion in the following two FlyerTalk threads:

It almost causes FlyerTalk members to abandon one form of suds from one kind of bar to suds of another kind from bars of another type…

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