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What Are the Quietest Hotel Properties in Capital Cities Worldwide?

Shhhh...be vewy vewy quiet when visiting these hotel pwoperties.

In addition to safety, convenience, and cleanliness, peace and quiet are two of the basic expectations of travelers who want to get a good night’s sleep while they are away from home — but finding a quiet hotel or resort property at which to stay is not always as easy as it seems, as a variety of noises can emanate from traffic, crowds, trains, and myriad other sources and causes…

What Are the Quietest Hotel Properties in Capital Cities Worldwide?

…but what are the quietest hotel properties in capital cities around the world; what are the quietest hotel brands in the United States and the United Kingdom; and which capital city has the quietest hotel property in the world?

To find out the answers to those questions, several seed lists were compiled: capital cities, states in the United States, holiday destinations, top 20 cities people visit in the United Kingdom, and top 20 states people visit in the United States. The TripAdvisor search bar was used to look for the keyword “quiet” in each location from the seed lists; and data was gathered from the hotels tab.

The number of reviews overall and the number of quiet mentions for each hotel were scraped. The percentage of “quiet” mentions was then calculated; and the data was grouped according to the seed lists.

Aiming to focus on only hotel properties, the final lists were cleared out manually from resorts, lodges, recreational vehicle parks, hostels, bed-and-breakfasts, etcetera. The average number of quiet mentions for multiple hotel brands in the United States and the United Kingdom was also calculated.

The data was collected in February 2022.

This article from Mornings.co.uk gives more details about in which locations within the United States are the settings for many books; and I have been given express written permission to use the graphs and the verbatim text from the aforementioned article in this article. While Mornings.co.uk has endeavored to ensure the information provided is accurate and current, it cannot guarantee it, as this information is general in nature only and does not constitute personal advice. Neither Mornings.co.uk nor The Gate accept any liability — and assume no responsibility — for any and all information which is presented in this article.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is the article.

The Quietest Hotel in Each Capital City, Mapped

The only thing that will ruin a holiday more surely than awful weather is a bad mood.

Every holiday has at least one individual who gets lazy and short-tempered if they don’t get enough sleep. If you’re travelling alone or you can’t identify the tetchy one in your group, it’s probably you.

A hotel stay is a luxury, but some places are more conducive to late-night partying than making up your sleep deficit. Mornings.co.uk wanted to know which were which – so we analysed thousands of TripAdvisor reviews to find the hotels with the most mentions of the word “quiet.” Here are the quietest hotels in every capital city in the world, plus the most sleepworthy hotels across the UK, U.S., and other top holiday destinations.

Scroll to the end for our tips on how to get a good night’s sleep at a hotel – whether you need them for yourself or are asking “for a friend”!

Click on the graphic for an enlarged version. Source: Mornings.co.uk.

Key Findings

  • The world’s quietest hotel is The Little Garden Boutique Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which 42.28% of reviewers say is quiet.
  • The Ndemi Place in Nairobi, Kenya, is the quietest hotel in Africa (38.68%).
  • The Relais Medicis in Paris, France, is Europe’s quietest hotel (35.29%).
  • The UK’s quietest hotel is COMO The Halkin in London (33.23%).
  • The quietest hotel in the U.S. is Parrot Nest in Florida (23.00%).

Bali, London, and Paris Among Top Destinations with Super-Quiet Hotels

They’re called ‘tourist attractions’ for a reason. The world’s top holiday destinations attract a lot of out-of-towners – which makes finding a peaceful hotel a struggle. We found that just nine of the top destinations have hotels tagged “quiet” by at least a quarter of visitors.

Click on the graphic for an enlarged version. Source: Mornings.co.uk.

Quietest of all is Kusuma Resort in Bali, a self-described “haven of rest and relaxation” offering “total renewal.” The Kusuma is on a side-road 20 km from the city centre and features just 18 rooms and seven bungalows, so noise is not an issue for guests.

London is Home to UK’s Quietest City Hotel

One-third of visitors to London’s COMO The Halkin describes it as “quiet.” Set on a quiet residential street in the posh Belgravia district, this five-star hotel offers “quiet rooms with magnificently decorated, large bathrooms and generous breakfasts,” according to one reviewer. Even the construction work on the nearby Peninsula Hotel did not disturb another reviewer’s stay.

But before you rush to book your room at COMO The Halkin, keep in mind the hotel is currently closed till early September 2022, and will resume operations once the renovation is complete.

Click on the graphic for an enlarged version. Source: Mornings.co.uk.
Click on the graphic for an enlarged version. Source: Mornings.co.uk.

The UK’s second quietest hotel is towards the other end of the main island in Glasgow, Scotland. 15Glasgow is an independent bed-and-breakfastset in a “grand old 19th century terrace” offering “a tranquil atmosphere and ideal escape from everyday hustle and bustle.” As a reviewer puts it, “the sleep quality could not have been better.”

Florida Island Host’s Quietest Hotel in the U.S.

Considering the diverse landscape of the U.S., it’s not impossible to find a quiet hotel – as long as you don’t mind the destination. We found that the quietest hotels in 32 states have a quietness rating of at least 25%. However, only three of America’s most visited cities can boast the same.

Click on the graphic for an enlarged version. Source: Mornings.co.uk.
Click on the graphic for an enlarged version. Source: Mornings.co.uk.

Sabal Palms is “one of lively Orlando’s loveliest and most serene” resorts. It’s also the quietest hotel you’ll find in any of the top 20 most-visited cities. But, while 26.94% of reviewers mention the quietness, TripAdvisor also has a few reviews that mention noise from the interstate or early morning lawnmowers. So, just like any other hotel, give yourself the advantage by asking for a quiet room when you book.

Click on the graphic for an enlarged version. Source: Mornings.co.uk.

Parrot Nest on Sanibel Island, Florida, is America’s quietest hotel overall. Almost half (47.66%) of reviewers use the word “quiet,” and presumably, the rest are too blissed out to notice. The hotel consists of six secluded bungalows, each named after a local bird of paradise, on the “quiet side of the island.” Says one guest: “My bed is comfortable and I have slept like a log” – and they’re not the only ones to comment on the high-quality beds at the Nest.

Tips for Sleeping Well in a Hotel

Holidaying in a hotel is exciting – but, ironically, muting some of that excitement and making your room feel like home will be beneficial to your trip. If your partner is not with you, experts suggest taking an unwashed T-shirt of theirs to smell in your sleep; if you’re single, take an unwashed pillowcase. Kids should take a favourite teddy, and if you’re organising things, then plan the following day’s activities with care so you’re not kept up by a worrying mind.

We’ve collected the best specialist advice for getting a good night’s sleep on vacation into our new infographic below – essential holiday reading for those with trouble sleeping!

Click on the graphic for an enlarged version. Source: Mornings.co.uk.

The World’s Best Hotels for a Good Night’s Sleep

Life is better on a good night’s sleep. On holiday, waking up refreshed helps you appreciate every detail of your adventure and avoid making logistical mistakes with your limited time and budget. But most importantly of all, it helps you – or whoever you’re reading this article for! – to be the chirpiest morning bird and holiday companion you can be. Do use our table below to find the quietest hotel in the city, state, or other destination to which you’re headed.

Final Boarding Call

I can only imagine what someone 50 years ago — between 1967 and 1975, to be a bit more precise — would have thought if he or she were told that Cambodia would one day be the site of the quietest hotel in the world.

Pleasant dreams — wherever you happen to go to sleep — and may your rest be as peaceful and as quiet as possible…

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

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