What Are Your Top Airline Pet Peeves?

You board the aircraft, only to find someone sitting in your assigned seat — and when you finally do get seated, it is next to a gregarious person with a large enough girth to take up half your seat and repeatedly attempt to chat with you for the entire flight. You then attempt to stow your luggage, only to find that the inadequate overhead bins are already completely full. Everyone can hear the details of the conversation as the business person screams into his mobile telephone. Your seat is broken and your tray table still has the crumbs on it from the ten passengers who sat in that seat before you. Even after a flight with a lack of service from the surly flight attendants who would rather chat in the galley area or read a book rather than serve you your soft drink, screaming children, a plethora of strange odors and an inoperable lavatory, there is the person who leisurely blocks the aisle in front of you while retrieving his belongings that stands in the way of your final escape.
Does this scenario sound familiar? Can you relate to it, or at least portions of it?
FlyerTalk has collaborated with Frequent Business Traveler magazine on the latest in a series of polls pertaining to “pet peeves” of air travel, restaurants, hotels and technology. Frequent Business Traveler will provide the poll, while the opinions, thoughts and details of your experiences as a guest in hotel rooms are provided by you.
The first poll in this series is the 2012 Air Travel Pet Peeves Poll, which will be active through May 18, 2012. You spend quite a bit of time in hotel rooms — and any hotel property can potentially foster issues and situations which can drive you absolutely insane.
Results of this poll will be announced by both Frequent Business Traveler magazine and on FlyerTalk.
Please vote today and let everyone know about your “pet peeves” pertaining to air travel.

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