What Behavior by Flight Attendants Do You Consider Unprofessional and Annoying?

Perhaps it is when a flight attendant inadvertently skips past you when offering service. Maybe it is the habits of lack of cleanliness practiced by some flight attendants. Do they disappear for hours between services, nowhere to be found when needed? Are some of them condescending when they speak, avoiding eye-to-eye contact? Perhaps they giggle while announcing the safety procedures of a flight? Are federal regulations fabricated on the spot to avoid doing certain tasks? Could apathy amongst flight attendants be prevalent regarding passengers who ignore the rules on-board an aircraft? What about the stowage of baggage?

Which complaints do you think ranks top priority amongst FlyerTalk members?

FlyerTalk member proudbird is a F/A Wants to Know. What F/A Behavior Do You Find Annoying and/or Unprofessional?

One thought on “What Behavior by Flight Attendants Do You Consider Unprofessional and Annoying?”

  1. Holly says:

    When they are verbally or physically rude. I wouldn’t describe a flight attendant skipping past me as rude as it’s NOT their fault. I’m amazed giggling while detailing safety procedures is rude, I wouldn’t have minded.

    For me, it’s when they allow people into the cockpit, I would definitely complain about that. And when they lose control of themselves and start scaring the passengers. Both of those have happened at least once.

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