What Do Business Travelers Do in Case of Delays?

As a business traveler, I know that a delay can occur when I least expect it, whether it is due to weather or mechanical issues. It does irk me somewhat that I could be delayed due to a distant source of a problem. It is certainly difficult that a flight is delayed due to weather when the weather where I am located is sunny with clear skies.

I was privileged with touring the operations center at Delta Air Lines, which is a rare opportunity that I was thankfully granted. A Delta Air Lines pilot even admitted that they do not get to regularly visit that sensitive area of Delta Air Lines. However, seeing the facility and how it is operated, as well as talking to some employees there first-hand, gave me an unrealized appreciation for what Delta Air Lines attempts to do in a delay situation.

Still, depending on the delay, that does not always mitigate my frustration sometimes despite my increased understanding of how a delay is handled.

Typically, I usually leave the evening before the day I am to conduct business. I do not particularly enjoy waking up at 2:30 in the morning, getting to the airport, catching the first flight out to my destination, renting a car, driving to the customer, only to first begin conducting a full day of business where I am expected to be sharp and at my best. A delay not only exacerbates this scenario, but also can ruin a day of business — especially when I show up late to the customer site. By leaving on my business trip the night before I am expected to conduct business, I am assured of getting my rest, not worrying about delays or being on-time for my meeting — and, because I stay overnight in a hotel, I get points and credit towards elite status for next year! That is typical of the persona of a FlyerTalk member, is it not?

Anyway, the key to successful business travel, in my own opinion, is being able to successfully balance one’s own personal time with one’s official business time — specifically, how to spend the least amount of time and the least amount of money and yet the most miles and points I can accrue while, most importantly, ensuring the best possible outcome of a successful business trip. I am usually quite good at achieving these objectives.

These days, due to rising fuel costs and increased security measures, more time and more money are unfortunately being spent on the same trip that was taken last year at this time, which therefore reduces the efficiency that I seek as a result of each trip.

It is therefore increasingly understandable — especially these days — why business travelers would want to exchange information pertaining to knowing how to anticipate delays and the best, most efficient method of handling them, as discussed in the Business travelers: what do you do if your business trip is impacted by a delay? thread.

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