What Happens When the Airline to Whom You are Loyal Does Not Serve Your Home Airport Anymore?

Poor Lehava.

This FlyerTalk member and Delta Air Lines Platinum Medallion SkyMiles member has been a loyal staunch ally of Delta Air Lines.

She has participated in special Delta Air Lines events.

She helped fight US Airways against acquiring Delta Air Lines in a hostile takeover while the struggling airline was under bankruptcy protection.

She has vocally defended the airline against those who demean it.

However, as of September 6, 2007, Delta Air Lines will cease service to Binghamton, New York, which is her home airport.

What will Lehava do now? Will she find a new airline? Will she move to a city whose airport Delta Air Lines serves? Will she go out of her way to drive to Syracuse or Allentown to remain loyal to Delta Air Lines?

How will this love story end?

These – and other questions – may or may not be answered in the new FlyerTalk “soap opera”:
When the Airline You Love Walks Away – DL Leaving BGM

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