What If You Commit a Minor Crime in a Foreign Country?

FlyerTalk member Delta767 asks What If You Committ A Minor Crime In A Foreign Country?

I suppose this depends on what is considered a minor crime: shoplifting, speeding, petty theft, jaywalking? Would infractions such as speeding and jaywalking even be considered as crimes?

FlyerTalk member 797-3 warns not to “consider anything minor”. Reading the rest of that thread and the potential of what could happen to you in different countries can be quite intimidating, to say the least. There is even a hint that “officials will come up with reasons to try to get bribes out of you”, apparently even if you have committed no crime or infraction of any type.

Whatever your case may be, just be careful when you travel to other countries. I am happy to report that I have never had a problem when traveling to other countries in every continent except Antarctica.

No, I was not arrested for any crime in Antarctica. I meant that the only continent to which I have not been is Antarctica…

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