What is New About the Upgrade to FlyerTalk

After being down this morning, FlyerTalk had undergone a major upgrade which is supposed to provide several significant improvements; and for the first time in years — arguably since FlyerTalk was first powered by the vBulletin bulletin board software platform on April 1, 2004 — the overall look of FlyerTalk is different.

What is New About the Upgrade to FlyerTalk

Improvements in functionality affect the user interface overall — as well as the gallery of photographs; the process of uploading photographs both using a computer and your mobile telephone; and arranging those photographs.

Details of the improvements are as follows…

User Interface Improvements

Improvements to the user interface of FlyerTalk — in addition to the overall look and feel of it — include:

  1. Faster access to your account and notification options. Now when you are logged in, you will always be able to access your account and notification options in the top right corner of the user interface.
  2. Faster access to search options. This improved functionality will now allow you to be able to quickly search discussions, content which has been posted to FlyerTalk, and access advanced search options from the “sticky” menu in the top right corner next to the Search field.

    Deactivation of scrolling navigation bar

    Click on the screen shot for a larger view. Source: FlyerTalk.

  3. New “sticky” navigation header. You can now access tools no matter where you are on FlyerTalk, as the navigation header will follow you as you scroll down so you can access your options anytime without scrolling back up. This feature can be deactivated by selecting Default Style from the lower left corner of wherever you are on FlyerTalk, as shown in the screen shot on the right.
  4. Additional Option to Log Into FlyerTalk. Found at the top right of FlyerTalk, you can use either option of logging in for the time being; but the current option to log into FlyerTalk will eventually be eliminated.
  5. More Secure. The Uniform Resource Locator — or URL — begins with https in more areas of FlyerTalk instead of simply http.
  6. Mobile Skin is significantly easier to read.
  7. Infinite Scroll has been modestly improved.

FlyerTalk Gallery of Photographs

You can now view more photographs all at once in the FlyerTalk Gallery — as well as browse by new options such as Trending, Recent, Commented, Popular, and your own “albums.” This will allow you to have a custom experience with the new FlyerTalk Gallery.

In areas where there is a single photograph, you will still see the photograph which you have selected — but you will also be able to discover related photographs; comment on the photograph; see trending pictures; and also see other photographs in the same album.

You can upload your photographs in four ways:

  1. Drag and drop photographs directly
  2. Select photographs which are already uploaded to an album in the new gallery
  3. Upload your photograph with a Uniform Resource Locator or URL
  4. Attach photographs from your mobile telephone or other portable electronic device — even immediately after you take a picture

Arranging Your Photographs

Once your photographs are uploaded, you will be able to drag them around to rearrange them in the album, tag, and delete your photographs. You can also “lock” your photographs, which will prevent them from showing up in the public FlyerTalk Gallery. If you want more FlyerTalk members to be able to enjoy your photographs, simply leave them unlocked.

Once the attachment process is completed, select the paperclip icon to show a dropdown menu with the option to paste your photographs within the content which you posted, resulting in a more efficient user experience in adding and managing your photographs from all types of devices.


I have not worked with FlyerTalk enough to give my thoughts and opinions; but I will need some time to get used to it. However, I am encouraged by the team at Internet Brands — which is now comprised of some new members — at its plans to significantly improve FlyerTalk for the future.

In the meantime, FlyerTalk members are already reporting their opinions — as well as possible “bugs” with the new and improved FlyerTalk — and you can join in on the discussion here.

One thought on “What is New About the Upgrade to FlyerTalk”

  1. Christian says:

    Sorry but it looks very basic and like a 5th grader designed the new font, lines and layout.

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