Long Fish Sandwich
Source: Burger King.

What is Wrong With This Burger King Extra Long Fish Sandwich Image?

urger King recently introduced its extra long fish sandwich — and although I do not eat fast food very often, I tried one for lunch earlier this week, as I do enjoy fish sandwiches. It was okay; but I would not exactly call it “extra long”, as it is not as big as the name implies — although when compared to the Whaler, Big Fish and other past iterations of fish sandwiches offered by Burger King, I suppose that it is all relative.

What is Wrong With This Burger King Extra Long Fish Sandwich Image?

Just out of curiosity, I decided to go to the official Internet web site of Burger King to see how the fast food restaurant chain is promoting the extra long fish sandwich — and I saw the following image, which was still there just before this article was posted:

Long Fish Sandwich
Click on the image for a larger version. Source: Burger King.


Well — not much of a summary, really — but it is time to have some fun at the expense of a major corporation: can you find what is wrong with this Burger King extra long fish sandwich image?

I cannot wait to read your correct answers — as well as your creative responses…


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