Photograph ©2021 by Brian Cohen.

What Is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 100

I was not in a fowl mood when I thought I would wing it and enjoy walking in the cool night air as I was passing a local Italian restaurant in a shopping center when I noticed its storefront — and I had to take a photograph for edition number 100 of this series of articles.

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 100

Photograph ©2021 by Brian Cohen.

For this edition of this popular game, can you guess what you believe is wrong — or, at least, seemingly quite bizarre — with this photograph?

Please submit your answers in the Comments section below — and I enjoy reading creative answers.

Thank you in advance. As always, I cannot wait to read your answer and feedback.

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Photograph ©2021 by Brian Cohen.

  1. “Pizza, subs, salads and…chicken (?)” at a restaurant named “Taste of Italy” with the most prominent (electrical) sign misspelling “CHIKEN”? Talk about confusing…. At least this place is closed on Mondays.

  2. The lettering is sloppy. Full of ugliness and spelling errors.

    Chiken is presumably chicken, not the owner’s name being Ken Chi (speculation and probably not).
    Rehours is odd. Our Hours mispelled as Are Hours and the A rubbed off? Or an email subject line RE: hours
    There’s a gap between Pizza and Subs, which looks ugly. Maybe it used to say Beef Wellington but they got rid of that menu item?
    The hours sign is sloppy. It should at least be printed by a computer printer. If so, the yellow sign reading that they are closed on Mondays could be eliminated.
    This place is sloppy. TV still on. Tape is all crooked.

    Maybe they should do a minor change in describing what they make. Call it Italian Pizza, Italian Chicken, Italian Salads, Italian Subs. That might be an empty promise, inaccurate claim but it could catch attention. Wouldn’t you want to try Italian Chicken? Don’t try Italian Subs because in World War II, they were really lousy as demonstrated by an Italian mini-sub captured and on display at the Imperial War Museum in London.

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