Photograph ©2022 by Brian Cohen.

What Is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 158

Playing the circle game with this topic.

As I parked the car, I noticed something somewhat bizarre after I turned off the ignition — and I looked at what I saw from both sides now, from back and forth, and still somehow, the illusions of what I saw I do not recall, as I really do not know what I saw at all…

…and I thought that where I was looking was once paradise.

This one is for you, Joni Mitchell. Congratulations on your triumphant return to performing some of your songs live in concert recently at the Newport Folk Festival — especially with this song and this song.

What Is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 158

Photograph ©2022 by Brian Cohen.

For this edition of this popular game, can you guess what you believe is wrong — or, at least, seemingly quite bizarre — with these photographs?

Please submit your answers in the Comments section below — and I enjoy reading creative answers.

Thank you in advance. As always, I cannot wait to read your answer and feedback.

Access to Past Articles in the What is Wrong With This Photograph? Series

You can refer to this definitive list of past articles of the What is Wrong With This Photograph? series of articles — which also includes articles which reveal the answers — and that list will be continuously updated as additional articles are written and posted here at The Gate. This is to ensure that future articles in this series are not encumbered with a long list of links — especially when viewing and reading them from a portable electronic device.

This will hopefully be considered a positive step towards the reading experience of The Gate on portable electronic devices. Your constructive input as a reader of The Gate is always appreciated.

Final Boarding Call

You are encouraged to submit photographs of your own for this feature at The Gate. When you do, please let me know if you want to have photography credit attributed to you — as well as what is the photograph; and when and where it was taken. If your photograph is selected, it will be featured in a future article here at The Gate.

In the meantime, the answer — or answers — to this article will be included in the next article of answers to the most recent five articles in the series of What is Wrong With This Photograph? articles.

All photographs ©2022 by Brian Cohen.

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