Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 50

As I was driving to attend a meeting for the day at a hotel property near Tampa International Airport almost five years ago, I was passing a street corner and noticed something which caused me to momentarily stop to take a few photographs.

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 50

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

For this edition of this popular game, can you guess what you believe is wrong — or, at least, seemingly quite bizarre — with this photograph?

Please submit your answers in the Comments section below — and I enjoy reading creative answers.

Thank you in advance. As always, I cannot wait to read your answer and feedback.


Past articles with which you can participate and play along with the What is Wrong With This Photograph? game — as well as answers — include:

All photographs ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

  1. You really weren’t at the intersection of Bayport drive with Bayport drive? you were in Greenwich Village and w’re at the orthogonal self intersection of Waverly Place with Waverly Place?

    1. Funny you should say that, T.C..

      One block west of that intersection of Waverly Place and Waverly Place, I sat on a bench in Christopher Park at the intersection of Christopher Street, 7 Avenue South, and West 4 Street; and I drew a composite image of that intersection with colored pencils when I was matriculated for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Parsons School of Design.

      I proudly received a grade of A on that project; and I know I still have that drawing somewhere…

  2. In some parts of the world it is not all that uncommon for all buildings built along a U-shaped, T-shaped, E-shaped or C-shaped development to share the same street name. While this may be more common for roads that are private roads in parts, I have seen it even for public roads in parts. A few weeks back I saw a public street in Sweden where a given street name was assigned to a street which looked something like this:


    For those unfamiliar with this kind of weirdness and not using maps with house numbers, this kind of thing doesn’t make it all that easy to find a specific house address.

  3. Your GPS can never be correct at that intersection…
    Google maps would sound something like this….
    “At the intersection turn left and stay on Bayport Dr., No wait, turn right and stay on Bayport drive, No wait, Continue straight and stay on Bayport drive, Oh screw it, Ask Siri”

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