What to Do About a Loud Snorer Aboard an Airplane During a Flight?

Passengers have endured such disturbances to the peace aboard airplanes by those who have been classified as 14 of the most aggravating passengers — people who kicks seats, talk too much, or play their media for all to hear — but what about people who snore?

What to Do About a Loud Snorer Aboard an Airplane During a Flight?

FlyerTalk member Oakshadow was a passenger aboard an airplane recently for an overnight flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta and recounts this experience with a fellow passenger who snored loudly:

But before take-off, seated directly behind me the loudest snorer in history fell asleep. Snoring is common on airplanes but this way beyond anything I’ve ever heard before. Even the loudest baby couldn’t compare to the squealing gurgling of the snorer. This wasn’t just me taken aback by the volume and pitch, but everyone in my view in the cabin did a double or triple-take with a collective “What on earth?” expression. It seemed with the drone of the engines after take-off she got louder as if she was competing with the aircraft. Despite being loaded with sleeping medication I could not sleep. It was absolute torture. I constantly heard other people around me commenting on her loudness.

Fortunately, Oakshadow found an unoccupied seat elsewhere aboard the airplane approximately an hour after departure — but that solution is not always available.


People who snore loudly in general usually may not even realize that they are doing so. Some people who know that they snore loudly will typically alert fellow passengers prior to departure to wake them up in case that happens so that they can minimize any disturbance as much as possible.

Another solution could be headphones which reduce or eliminate noise — but they may not always work.

I am not sure that much can be done by a member of the flight crew, which is a question that Oakshadow initially asked.

Interestingly, I have never encountered someone who snored so loudly that I was disturbed by it — despite my years of experience of flying as a passenger aboard airplanes.

Have you experienced a fellow passenger who snored too loudly for you aboard an airplane during a flight? If so, did you find a solution to the problem? What do you suggest should be done?

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3 thoughts on “What to Do About a Loud Snorer Aboard an Airplane During a Flight?”

  1. Lancelot says:

    If you’re not able to change seats, noise canceling headphones is about the only thing I know to do. They’re not really comfortable to sleep in, but it’s the lesser of the two discomforts in play.

  2. LF says:

    Smother the bsrd with Polaris Pillow..

  3. LF says:

    Smother the bsrd with Polaris Pillow.. And if not up for that then give him a nudge and tell him to roll over.

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