What Two Errors Can You Find With This Lavatory Sign?

During a recent flight, when I went to use the lavatory aboard an airplane, it was occupied — so I bided my time by reading a sign which was affixed to the door of the lavatory…

What Two Errors Can You Find With This Lavatory Sign?

Lavatory sign

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

…and I realized that the sign contains at least two errors on it. Can you spot what are those errors?

Even more embarrassing for the airline in question is that at least one other copy of this exact sign was affixed to the door of another lavatory.

One of the members of the flight crew was not amused when she saw the errors on this placard.


Someone was paid to create this sign. Someone was paid to proofread it. Someone was paid to approve it. Someone was paid to affix it to the lavatory doors.

Although I see at least two errors, you have been known to conjure creative humorous examples of errors which were highlighted in past articles — such as what is wrong with this image for the Burger King extra long fish sandwich, which is no longer available or sold.

Can you find at least two errors with what is wrong with this lavatory sign — and as a worthless bonus, can you guess which airline operates the airplane on which this lavatory sign is located?

I cannot wait to read your correct answers — as well as your creative responses…

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

16 thoughts on “What Two Errors Can You Find With This Lavatory Sign?”

  1. WR says:

    1. Can’t be latched if nobody is in it.
    2. No space between “takeoff” and “and”

    1. phoenix00 says:

      I believe cabin crew can latch/unlatch the doors from the outside for takeoff and landing, as the sign says, but it’s rarely done.

      1. Donna Tebay says:

        Its has to be latched at all times so its gonna always be occupied!

  2. Julius Herodes says:

    Why couldn’t you latch it from the outside? I don’t think there are doors which can’t be latched from the outside on any plane for safety reasons.

  3. LcSinTexas says:

    “not is use” and “takeoffand”. Looks like so many other occasions where people decide they are so smart they needn’t bother with spell check of either the human or machine kind. 🙁

  4. Kyle says:

    the second error besides takeoffand landing is close door when not “in” use – shouldn’t be “is” use.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I am amazed at how many people miss that one when reading it, Kyle.

      Perhaps that is similar to reading Paris in the Spring in a triangle?


  5. derek says:

    Airline: Delta
    1. takeoffand is not a word. Probably meant “..takeoff and…”
    2. “Close door immediately when not is use”. Should be “in” not “is”.
    3. Man is attacking baby. That is a crime. Also slightly more common that a woman would change a baby.
    4. blue sticker around the occupied warning is crooked.
    5. mostly correct but door is in use when you are pooping. That is a time that the door should be closed, not only when it is not being used.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I enjoyed your answers the most at this point, derek — and Delta is indeed the airline. Thank you.

      Man is attacking baby…I am still smiling at that one…

  6. Tom says:

    Do they mean to close the door when the door is not in use, or when the lavatory is not in use. And if the latter, dear God I don’t want it open when it is in use!

    And I thought the man was tickling the baby.

  7. phoenix00 says:

    I would also posit that “E-Cigarettes Also Prohibited” be stronger language to really drive the point home.

  8. Lance says:

    And the third error is the lack of the serial comma in “taxi, takeoff, and landing.”

  9. Gary Pike says:

    Another point, why do you have to say no smoking in lavatory, when there is no smoking allowed on the airplane at all?

  10. DavidB says:

    Must be the same crew that proof read the lettering on that Cathay Pacific plane.

  11. Me says:

    verb tenses change.

    Should be taxing, taking off and landing

    1. Ian says:

      Except landing is also a noun. Still can’t give them a pass on “takeoffand”. I’m split on the Oxford comma. Main argument in this case is that it would have hopefully prevented this error.

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