What's on the menu?

Many trip reports contain menus (particularly in business and first class). But did you know that some airline forums have threads containing a library of menus? See what’s being served now and how that has changed over time.

Click below to see the list of threads:

I haven’t included threads specific to a certain route, or threads with no recent posts.

Air Canada – business class

Air France – all classes

Air New Zealand – all classes

American Airlines – trans-atlantic

Asiana – business class

Austrian, Lufthansa, Swiss – first and business classes

Cathay Pacific – first class 2007
Cathay Pacific – first class 2006
Cathay Pacific – business class 2007
Cathay Pacific – business class 2006
Cathay Pacific – economy class 2007
Cathay Pacific – economy class 2006

LAN – business class

Lufthansa – first class

Northwest – business class

Singapore Airlines – first class
Singapore Airlines – business class
Singapore Airlines – economy class

Swiss Airlines – first and business classes

Thai – first class
Thai – business class

Virgin Atlantic – upper class

I’ll happily add to the listing if anyone PMs me with the thread link (click here).