When Does One Officially Become a World Traveler?

FlyerTalk members are debating a question that may never officially be answered:

When do you officially become a world traveller? Is it determined by how many years you traveled? Perhaps what counts is how many countries, or even continents, to which you have visited, but then what constitutes as an eligible visit? Should obscure destinations be thrown into the mix of places visited, and what would be your idea of an obscure destination? Can landing yet never leaving the airport qualify as a visit, or should you not only leave the airport but stay overnight at your destination? Maybe the experiences regarding places, food and lodging — and the resulting knowledge gleaned fron those experiences — need to be factored into the equation. Could the distance you traveled have anything to do with it? Do you have to actually live in multiple countries to count as being a world traveler?

Does you actually need to leave the the planet Earth and visit another world in order to officially become a true world traveler?

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