Where Are You, 3B?

Hey you — yes, you. The guy in seat 3B. Where are you? Everybody is asking about you. Why have you not posted in this thread? We know you read FlyerTalk because you were caught reading it. Some FlyerTalk members who posted in that thread have been accused of being you.

After all, you and the woman in seat 2B are the inspiration for the launching of this thread that features stinky bare feet, greasy fried chicken and huge flakes of dandruff snowing down onto the magazine on one person’s lap. Believe it or not, many FlyerTalk members found the thread to be funny — even with the pictures posted in it. Some FlyerTalk members even posted that the thread made their day.

If you were a flight attendant, would you use your bare hands to collect a hair-laden towel from a woman who was squatting in her seat, cleansing herself underneath her skirt? Would you admire the nimbleness of a man whose feet climbed the bulkhead wall, almost to the ceiling? How would you feel if a missile in the form of a flying toenail clipping zoomed by and landed in a drawer of a beverage cart? Have you ever seen a woman remove her dentures and then proceeded to suck food particles from out between the teeth? Did you know that studies reportedly have found every square inch of surface of airplane lavatories coated in a fecal layer? Would you carry “grippies” or “slippies” in your “Kippies”?

The term “toe jam” takes on a meaning of its own…

One thought on “Where Are You, 3B?”

  1. Yo you are a freak. Awesome blog!!!

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