Where Can You Find Gasoline for Fewer Than $1.50 Per Gallon in the United States?

ast time I asked the question Where Can You Find Gasoline for Fewer Than $1.50 Per Gallon?; and at that time, you were able to fill up your tank with gasoline at $1.49 per gallon at a Sinclair fuel station located in Tulsa.

The bad news is that that is apparently no longer the case, as the price jumped to $1.63 per gallon of gasoline; and there has been a number of fuel stations where gasoline has jumped in price by as much as 33 cents per gallon. For example, Crawfordsville — located in Indiana approximately 45 miles northwest of Indianapolis — had prices as low as $1.42 for a gallon of gasoline earlier this month; but the price had jumped back up a whopping 33 cents per gallon to $1.75 per gallon before settling back as much as twelve cents to as low as $1.63 per gallon of gasoline…

…but despite those anomalies, much of the United States is still experiencing appreciable decreases in the price of a gallon of gasoline — so much so that for the first time, there is a growing number of fuel stations selling gasoline for fewer than $1.50 per gallon; and they are located in the following states, according to GasBuddy.com:

  • Missouri loves company — show me the one fuel station in Jennings which is selling gasoline for $1.49 per gallon
  • Michigan is where you will fare well in Farwell — which is located far well between Saginaw and Traverse City — where one fuel station is selling gasoline for $1.49 per gallon
  • New Mexico is where you can fill up at Fill Up and Murphy Express in Santa Fe for $1.48 and $1.49 per gallon of gasoline respectively — or disrespectively if you are Bugs Bunny, who persistently keeps making that wrong turn in Albuquerque
  • Colorado is better than “black-and-white-ado” because of two fuel stations in Fort Collins which offer gasoline for sale for as little as $1.47 per gallon
  • Texas struck oil at six fuel stations in Tomball — a suburban town located on the northwestern outskirts of Houston — where gasoline is as low as $1.44 per gallon, which is currently the lowest recorded price found in the United States


Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii are the only states left in the United States where you still cannot find a fuel station selling a gallon of gasoline for fewer than $2.00 per gallon; and despite it not being a state, be certain to include the District of Columbia in that statistic. In fact, only two fuel stations in Hawaii are finally selling gasoline for fewer than $3.00 per gallon.

Here is an off-topic note, speaking of the District of Columbia: I spoke to a representative of the bank which issued one of my credit cards — no affiliate link here — who voluntarily told me that despite living in that area for years, he only found out earlier today what the D.C. in Washington, D.C. meant.

I just shook my head in disbelief as he laughed at himself…

…anyway, if your state is not listed above, do not despair, as there are quite a few states which have fuel stations selling gasoline for $1.50 or slightly greater per gallon; so the above list should increase significantly if the current trend of decreasing fuel prices continues — and I hope that you are benefiting from it…

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