Where Can You Find Gasoline for Less Than $1.80 Per Gallon in the United States?

n increasing number of states in the United States have fuel stations which are selling gasoline at less than $1.80 per gallon as of the time this article was posted…

…but which states are these; and where are those fuel stations located — as well as the two fuel stations which are selling gasoline at $1.69 per gallon?

Here is a list of four states — according to GasBuddy.com — where fuel stations which are selling gasoline at less than $1.80 per gallon are located:

  • Oklahoma As with the most recent report, there is still only one fuel station selling gasoline for $1.79 per gallon — but this time, it is located in Marlow and not Oklahoma City, which is approximately 70 miles northwest of Marlow
  • Texas You can find two fuel stations selling gasoline for $1.79 per gallon in Dumas; and the closest city is Amarillo, which is 47 miles away — certainly not worth going 94 miles out of your way, as you will not save money
  • Alabama One fuel station in Fort McClellan — located just outside of Anniston and approximately 90 miles west of Atlanta and 75 miles east of Birmingham — sells gasoline for $1.76 per gallon; while one fuel station in the western part of Birmingham sells gasoline for $1.79 per gallon
  • South Carolina Forget less than $1.80 per gallon — there are two fuel stations which sell gasoline for $1.69 per gallon in Rock Hill south of Charlotte, North Carolina


Click on the names of the states in the list above for the exact location of the fuel stations which sell gasoline at less than $1.80 per gallon; and if your state is not on the list above, it is quite likely with the continuation of decreasing gasoline prices that there are fuel stations located within it which sell gasoline for less than $2.00 per gallon — if you know where to look.

The most expensive fuel station in the 50 United States is located in South San Francisco in California, where the price is $5.03 per gallon.

Oh, well — at least that is cheaper than the $5.51 per gallon found in Alaska, where the highest price for fuel is now a more respectable $4.17 per gallon in Cantwell…

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  1. Steve says:

    Portsmouth, Ohio. Go Bucks!

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