Where is the Best Beef in the World?

There is a lot at steak when you want to cut to the chase in attempting to find the Best Beef in the World — no bones about it.

There is no need to flame when posting in that thread, but prepare to be roasted on your opinion. FlyerTalk members shoot the bull regarding the range of best beef from a modest choice-grade ribeye to Santo beef found in the nation of Vanuatu.

Do not have a cow and stew if you have not posted yet to the Best Beef in the World thread, for even though the thread is constantly aging, it is a marble-ous thread to which you can lean towards posting at any time and chew the fat.

2 thoughts on “Where is the Best Beef in the World?”

  1. Ian Mc says:

    The best beef in the world is definitely from Argentina. Free ranging, no hormones, no anti-biotics…just pure 100% Beef. Argentina educates the best parilleros (grill-masters) in the world; grilling up asado, which has to be the best barbecue ever devised.

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