Which is the Better Seat: Aisle, Window or Middle?

If you are a FlyerTalk member, chances are that you have guessed that aisle and window seats are preferable over middle seats while being a passenger on an aircraft during a flight. Some of the reasons are obvious: window seats for the view; aisle seats for the convenient access to the aisle for using the lavatory or leaving the aircraft sooner.

However, believe it or not, there are FlyerTalk members who would actually prefer a middle seat, and posted so in the Aisle, Window, Middle thread. Find out why.

One thought on “Which is the Better Seat: Aisle, Window or Middle?”

  1. Alan says:

    Folks seem to be missing the most important point. There is a BIG difference between being in the middle seat left or right, or the middle seat in the middle of the plane. When you have the option of climbing over someone to the left or right of you, it is a must better deal then only being able to climb over the person at the aisle.

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