Who Is FlyerTalk Member Number 500,000 — and Who Posted the Closest Guess?

Before I reveal who registered as FlyerTalk member number 500,000, please allow me to put what amounts to a half of a million into perspective:

  • There are 29 countries in the world which currently have a population of fewer than 500,000 people — countries such as Malta, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Belize and Monaco
  • 500,000 pennies would weigh approximately 2,756 pounds or 1,250 kilograms
  • You could travel the distance to the moon and back and still be short approximately 22,200 miles of 500,000 — that is, if you do not travel during its apogee
  • There are more members registered to FlyerTalk than the entire populations of many cities in the United States — such as Atlanta, Kansas City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Newark, Miami and Cincinnati
  • It would take you almost 139 hours — or 5.787 days — to count 500,000 FlyerTalk members when assuming a rate of one second per FlyerTalk member
  • Spears tipped with stones were supposedly invented by archaic human beings 500,000 years ago

It seemed like only yesterday when FlyerTalk welcomed member number 400,000, who clocked in at 6:44 in the morning Pacific Daylight Time on Friday May 4, 2012 — but I digress.
At 11:48 in the evening Pacific Daylight Time on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, FlyerTalk welcomed chillionaires, who became FlyerTalk member number 500,000.
Additionally — simply for posting the guess closest to the time when chillionaires joined FlyerTalk as a member — FlyerTalk member wahs won a FlyerTalk T-shirt, a set of FlyerTalk luggage tags, and a FlyerTalk lapel pin.
You just never know when you might win some cool FlyerTalk goodies simply for participating by posting a guess.
Welcome to FlyerTalk, chillionaires — and congratulations to wahs!
So — when do you think FlyerTalk member number one million will register?

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