Who Says There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?!?

Continental Airlines says there is no such thing as a free lunch, that’s who, as the airline released an announcement stating that there will no longer be a free lunch — or breakfast or dinner, in the economy class cabin whose flight duration is fewer than 6 hours — starting later this year.

Instead of free meals in the economy class cabin, Continental Airlines announced that there will be Food for Purchase – Coming Fall 2010.

While Continental Airlines served fare such as hot or cold sandwiches or salads, it was also the remaining lone domestic airline in the United States to offer complimentary regular meal service in the economy class cabin.

FlyerTalk members are mixed on this new development. Some will miss the free meals, while others believe that the Food for Purchase program, which replaces the free meals, will offer healthier, tastier and significantly higher-quality food — at an additional cost to the passenger.

However this news may be perceived, there is some relatively good news: certain snacks and beverages will still be complimentary on all flights that serve them.

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