Whose Onion Rings Runs Rings Around Others’ Onion Rings?

There is a FlyerTalk member who could be a professional “crustologist” regarding the gastronomy of onion rings. Another FlyerTalk member posts where the best fast-food onion rings may be found in Canada, hands-down. However, are real onion rings better than their reconstituted frozen brethren? Are onion rings with thick rings of onion better than the minced onion variety? Should the onion ring be crispy or soggy and greasy? Should they be rings at all, as they could be stacks, strips, loafs or blooms?

The topic of What fast food has the best Onion Rings should not ring a bell to you because The Gate has not posted a topic similar to this — and if it does, you might be fried and in way too deep…

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