Whose Turn Is It to Upgrade? FlyerTalk!

Please be aware that the vBulletin bulletin board software that powers FlyerTalk is about to get upgraded.

However, unlike many airline elite passengers, FlyerTalk does not have to wait on a stand-by list, although it is set to shut down temporarily and stand by until the new software is properly installed.

Although there are a few servers that will be accommodating FlyerTalk, FlyerTalk will not be able to consume alcoholic beverages, attain elite status for next year, or earn any miles or points while it is being upgraded.

Furthermore, FlyerTalk is not on a mileage run, so it will not encounter any HIP checks even though it travels to many countries every single day, much faster than any supersonic aircraft ever could.

Will the upgrade be worth the wait? Will it be equivalent to scoring one of those sleeper suite seats in the premium cabin? Will FlyerTalk encounter any delays on its journey? Find out tomorrow if it will indeed be safe to move about the FlyerTalk cabin, but first read this announcement for further details pertaining to the upgrade, as well as how to communicate with other FlyerTalk members while FlyerTalk is temporarily out of commission.

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