Why Are FlyerTalk Members Grilling Certain Airport Personnel?

It appears as though Delta Ground Staff BBQ near plane/under gate A7 tonight… — or, more accurately, on a Sunday evening in July.

The food surely looks good. Chicken, perhaps?

Anyway, is it fowl for these workers to prepare their own meal outside at the airport? Why are some FlyerTalk members posting “flames” about this? Should these workers be fired? How did they get that huge grill — along with the necessary fuel — past airport security in the first place?

Photograph courtesy of DLATL777.

2 thoughts on “Why Are FlyerTalk Members Grilling Certain Airport Personnel?”

  1. Chris says:

    I blame it on the trolls…

  2. Ram says:

    I think the FTers are mad because the Airport Personnel did not share their freshly BBQed food with them, and they had to settle for the junk available at the airports that goes for “food”.

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