Why Are FlyerTalk Members Not Excited About The Latest Mile Sharing Promotion by US Airways?

US Airways airplanes rest at gates at Philadelphia International Airport. Photograph by FlyerTalk member btang. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by btang.

US Airways is offering a bonus on the amount of Dividend Miles you share with its latest promotion…
…so why are FlyerTalk members not excited about this offer as with past promotions such as this one from this past December?
Perhaps it is because of the following reasons, as posted by FlyerTalk member AwardBee: “Looks like there’s a new share miles bonus as of 6/16. Share miles at 1.5 cents each, plus $30 processing fee and 7.5% excise tax. You get bonus 50%, recipient gets bonus 50%. This is unlike the usual bonus where the recipient gets a 100% bonus.”
This means that the cost per Dividend Mile has increased by 50 percent.
In past promotions, the amount of Dividend Miles which you may share was capped at a maximum of 50,000 Dividend Miles — meaning that the recipient would receive a maximum of 100,000 Dividend Miles — and the minimum amount of Dividend Miles you may share where your recipient received the bonus of 100 percent was 30,000 Dividend Miles.
Not anymore — at least, not with this promotion.
Citing less flexibility and increased cost, FlyerTalk members have essentially posted that they will pass on this offer — and while it may be a decent deal for some FlyerTalk members, it is not for me; so I will pass on it as well.

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